Foto & videograf

A creative design studio specializing in photo, film and graphic design.

The studio’s primary competencies 

with a range from product and events to lifestyle, interior photography and fashion.

from events, brand identity and company presentation film to lifestyle.

Graphic Design
visual brand identity and photo retouching services.

Drone Operator.


Hi there…

I’m Nicolai. Let me take you back…

I started as a graphic designer in the fashion industry in the late 90s. Coming from an artistic education as an art painter it wasn’t a world far from what i knew. Immediately I fell in love with the media. The visual language.

The years went by and I worked as a graphic designer, art director and photographer at fashion companies like B.young, Blend and the retail design company Riis Retail.

I started my own company in the zeros (2000) where film, pictures and graphic design was and still is the main services.

I could never have dreamt of all the experiences I have had during the past years.

During this time I have worked with all facets of photography. Portraying anything from people to products, from door knobs to cars, from fashion design to interior design, from architecture and retail design to aerial photography and so much more.

I’ve met the CEO, the architect, the marketing manager, the designer, the punk band, the juicer and lots of other amazing people. And I feel grateful for that.

Meeting so many people, all with different interests, ideas and desires have been fantastic. Gaining insight into wildly different things, like how to properly roast coffee or how the electronics work in a Mercedes-Benz truck have been equally exciting. And I’m a ware that this visual language is all about is communication. So no matter who is calling me, I always see it as a great opportunity to learn something new. To gain insights and to learn new skills, and to do what I do best, communicate using my camera and my pen. So no matter who you are, if you are confident in your plans or doubting what to do, let’s talk and let’s play. I can be conservatively strict to your needs and plans or we can develop new and crazy campaigns or movies that makes people go >>uhhhh<<.

Let’s play!

Danish made 1977.



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